Thursday, October 05, 2006

much about nothing: “yeah, free gas!”

two girls CARA & BLUE (both pretty and flirtatious) @ a gas station dancing. while filling their SUV tank with gasoline, CARA turns toward the camera and starts telling about her interaction with a serviceman at the station. she says:
“no he asked me.. he was like ‘you have beautiful lips.. do you have a boooyfriend?’ and I said ‘nnooo’ and he said he would give me free GAS. so… i took it, i did not know what that means… i don’t know .. was it a code?”
BLUE and CARA debate for another 10 seconds about the meaning of that interaction and eventually leave without having to pay for the gas.
the end.

NoHoGirls apparently (“north hollywood” girls) produced 17 videos in the last 7 days. their most viewed video is “blue in pink” . in the video we see BLUE wearing pink dress and talking about herself and her friend CARA. in another video “casual blue” , we see BLUE again with “curlers” in her hair, talking (again!) about herself for a few minutes, without saying anything significant. these two and some other videos all feature BLUE and/or CARA in intimate spaces of their shared apartment telling about their lives…

who would like to see that and why?
it turns out more than 80 000 people have seen the “yeah, free gas!” video and over 200 000 people have seen “blue in pink”.
it turns out NoHoGirls received 1417 channel subscriptions during their 8 day presence on youtube and made to the second most subscribed channel of the week!
it turns out you don’t have to be very special, and you can film almost anything you do, there still will be people willing to watch you.
some have already suggested that NoHoGirls are professional actresses who seek to advance their careers (another lonelygirl15!?). even if this is the case, “fake“ and/or “real”, NoHoGirls remain similar or at least pretend to be similar to other youtubers who tell their everyday lives from their bedrooms. youtube turns these mundane experiences into entertainment and spectacle. however, what strikes me the most is that such stories lack fantasy and drama, the characteristics that are so prominent in other media (cinema, theater, novels). there is so much about nothing on youtube and maybe there is much about nothing in our lives too ☹

but then, where is all that drama that we are so addicted to. i need tears, blood and dead bodies… i know, i know i better go and play some nasty video games....