Friday, July 28, 2006

♪ Dear World ♀

Wow, what a great start for DearWolrd23!
The video is composed of two parts. The first part is some kind of the director’s self-introduction. It starts with a title shot (something rarely found in YouTube productions) showing the head of the author and the title of the video. The lack of establishing shots of the context is definitely more in the style of YouTube videos. The video proceeds as a series of mid shost and medium close ups of the author walking and talking to an apparently hand held camera about her intention to share art and music by creating videos and posting them on YouTube. The camera zooms on her several times as she is slowly and somewhat timidly turning her head away.
The second part is comprised of shots of several paintings featuring human faces. The music emphasizes the emotional content of portrayed faces as they are boldly and intensely gazing to the viewers. Fear, despondence, loneliness, and some hope occasionally. We are intimately drawn to those faces wondering who they are and what made them feel that way.
Visually powerful and poetic – I look forward to more movies, movies that can “move”.

Proving Science Wrong... with Lonelybeast and Danielgirl15

Hmm, "Coriolis effect" -- That was hard and required significant labor of my grey cells (scientifically speaking :-) and some help from the web. I had to check on Wikipedia . LG15 is totally right: the Coriolis effect is not a determining factor in the rotation of water in toilets or bathtubs. I however wonder if there is any connection between the "lazy eye" effect (I used to have that one too!!) and the Coriolis effect. Explaining it would be a significant contribution to the Grand Unified Theory of Everything.
Thanks for the challenge.