Friday, August 25, 2006

Hey YouTube! - xoxo Paris (Hilton)

I cannot believe you became a YouTuber!
I cannot believe you traded your privileged, not-from-this-world status for a couple of days of fame! I cannot believe you are among us, competing with lonelygirl15, FilthyWhore , geriatric1927, morbeck and Emmalina ….
The time will show who will prevail.
Under the theory of Long Tail, media businesses that entail abundance of media texts and relatively low cost of storage and distribution (e.g., iTunes, Wikipedia, YouTube), will promote consumption of a greater variety of media texts than media business that have a relatively high cost of production, storage and distribution (e.g., Blockbuster stores). YouTube clearly confirms this model. So, go ahead Paris, use YouTube to promote your new album, YouTubers are not afraid of you. YouTube is not MTV, there always will be a place for everybody. Besides, you may find some highly unfavorable rants and reviews and decide to stay away from YouTube.